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The Road Within: True Stories of Transformation and the Soul

home_road"This very different kind of travel book is an inspiring and wise guide to the journeys of the soul." —Body Mind Spirit Magazine Whether you're on a routine business trip to Akron, Ohio or participating in a trek to an unexplored region of Venezuela, traveling can alter your life in profound ways. The Road Within, a collection of worldwide essays by more than forty writers, explores how travel can affect people spiritually, change their views of the world, and even move them toward living their lives differently. Winner of the Independent Publishers Best Travel Book, The Road Within is a travel book unlike any other. From Cairo to Bosnia and from Mexico to Alabama, the writers in The Road Within collection traverse the world. One essayist has a near-death experience, another enjoys an unusual romantic shipboard encounter, yet another finds solace in a French vegetable garden. All discover that wondrous things can await you on a journey. Join these gifted writers as they step outside of their everyday lives and routines to try something different.

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About Travelers’ Tales: Brief History, Our Philosophy, the Books

Our Philosophy, The Books

A Brief History

Travelers’ Tales got its start in 1993 when travel writers James O’Reilly and Larry Habegger teamed up with writer and publisher (and James’s brother) Tim O’Reilly to produce a new kind of travel book, one that would paint a portrait of a country through the experiences of many travelers. Through
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Travelers Tales Book Titles Grouped by Theme

Travelers’ Tales Best Travel Writing Titles

The Best Travel Writing 2006
The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2006
The Best Travel Writing 2005
The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2005
The Best Travelers’ Tales 2004

Travelers’ Tales Country and Regional Guides

Travelers’ Tales America
Travelers’ Tales American Southwest
Travelers’ Tales Australia
Travelers’ Tales Brazil
Travelers’ Tales China
Travelers’ Tales Cuba
Travelers’ Tales France
Travelers’ Tales Grand Canyon
Travelers’ Tales Greece

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Travelers’ Tales Bios

James O’Reilly, publisher and president of Travelers’ Tales, has been traveling since he was an infant. Born in England and raised in San Francisco, he has traveled to more than forty-five countries and lived in four. Before becoming a travel writer and publisher, James wrote mystery serials and was a researcher for McKinsey and Company.

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Bio of Larry Habegger: Executive Editor

Executive Editor, Travelers’ Tales

Larry Habegger was born in Minneapolis in 1952 and grew up in Minnesota’s landlocked expanses. As a child he had three compelling dreams: to see a mountain, to see an ocean, and to play Major League Baseball. He was able to fulfill two of those dreams. He saw his first ocean and

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