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Gutsy Women

gutsy_s Marybeth Bond, editor of Travelers' Tales: A Woman's World (winner of the Lowell Thomas Gold Medal for Best Travel Book) has done it again in this indispensable guide now in its 4th edition with travel tips for women on the road. The book also includes twelve stories from the author's travels. Gutsy Women, Fourth Edition, for novice as well as experienced travelers, provides a wealth of fresh ideas on how to travel safely, comfortably, within your budget, alone, with your mother or children. Sections of the book address: The Older Adventuress, The First Time Traveler, The Solo Traveler, Women's Health and Hygiene, Dining on the Road, and Romance, Loneliness, and Unwelcome Advances. The book is packed with funny, instructive and inspiring travel vignettes from the author and from people like yourself who have traveled a little, or extensively.

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Not So Funny When It Happened

Not So Funny When It Happened"One funny-bone volume." —Chicago Tribune Some of the best adventure stories come from misadventures-the pratfalls, faux pas, and vast embarrassments encountered on the road. These tales share those moments when the best of plans fall to the wayside-replaced by something unforeseen, and leavened by the saving grace of it all, a sense of humor. On this hilarious journey, you will:

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There’s No Toilet Paper on the Road Less Traveled



"Anyone who plans to travel should read this book. And then stay home." —Dave Barry

Caught with your pants down? Don't worry you're not alone!

As everyone who's left their backyard knows, funny things happen when you hit the road in search of adventure. This collection of stories captures the wacky and bizarre adventures of great writers whose travels have not gone according to plan. But when things go wrong, their senses of humor come to the rescue.
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Her Fork in the Road

fork_s "An unforgettable taste of the connection between the table and the world." - ALICE WATERS, chef/owner Chez Panisse Women's relationship with food is passionate and obsessive, embracing and comforting, complex and frustrating. This savory sampling of stories—by some of the best writers in and out of the food and travel fields—journeys to the heart of this age-old relationship, taking the reader from the familiar kitchens of contemporary America to the far reaches of the globe. In France, an over-enthusiastic waitress serves M.F.K. Fisher the lunch of a lifetime to sustain her on her walk to Avallon. In Tunisia, Ruth Reichl dines at the home of a local, where the meal is eaten with the hands and a dash of sensuality. And in Fiji, where the women are big and beautiful and walk like royalty, Laurie Gough encounters food as a grand and constant celebration.

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Japan“Disturbing, enlightening, humorous and sometimes sentimental, these stories provide insights into an often baffling, endlessly intriguing land.” —San Francisco Examiner Japan is a contradictory country that simultaneously astonishes, delights, and frustrates travelers. The tales in this book reveal the alluring, enigmatic land beneath the surface—a place of tranquil temples and traitorous high-tech toilets, exquisite ancient inns and lurid love hotels, a country where electric baths sit beside indoor ski slopes and cherry blossoms fall on kindly grandmothers, cynical salarymen, wise monks, and wild lovers alike. From flower arranging to garbage scavenging, public grieving to private laughing, these stories illuminate the old and ever-changing heart and soul of Japan.