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Christina loves ancient theaters – for her, they are the high point of any classical site. So we were really looking forward to our visit to Epidaurus, the largest

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Preface to 100 Places Every Woman Should Go

Wanderlust pumps through my veins: I’ve explored two dozen countries and all but four of the United States in the past decade, and ache for more. Every place is glorious in its own special way, but now and then, I stumble upon somewhere sacred. It usually takes a moment to recover, and when I do,

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Cities of the Sun, Renewed

by Sean O’Reilly
Cancun became a popular tourist destination in the 1970s, and at the same time, the ancient Mayan City of Cobá, which may have lain in ruins for ten centuries, slowly found a place in the annals of sites that must be seen. Cobá is about 45 miles east of Chichen Itza and about
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Introduction to The Spiritual Gifts of Travel

Spirituality and travel have been linked from the beginning of human history. The oldest spiritual quest that we have an inkling of is ancient man’s quest for the House of the Sun. One can imagine our ancestors seeking this house where the sun must surely have set. How many unsung voyages since that time have

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