by Sean O’Reilly
I am at the helm of a 59-foot houseboat, cutting steel blue water and steering through massively beautiful canyons. A long curve of beach shimmers in the distance against the backdrop of a ruined mesa. I am going to beach the boat like some Magellan discovering a new world for the first time.

Medical Vacations in Asia: A Great Way to Get Renewed in Mind and Body

by Sean O’Reilly and Carol Lamb
A “Medical Vacation” is a fantastic way to renew oneself in mind and body. When the body is relaxed and the mind is at ease, the quality of healing can be phenomenal. If you are one of those contemplating surgery in the near future, or know of someone who is
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What I Did in the Doll House

by Sean O’Reilly
Many years ago, I flew to Boston to visit my brother in Watertown, Massachusetts. At the time he had a wonderful barn that he had converted into a two-story office and a guesthouse. The flooring downstairs was culled from the demolition of a local high school’s gym and the shelves were lined with
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Introduction to Travelers’ Tales American Southwest

Utility workers found a mammoth bone a few years ago, a quarter of a mile from my home in Peoria, Arizona. They thought it was a log and left it by the side of the road. Just to the east of this serendipitous discovery, Indian petroglyphs continue to be found in the eroded hills that

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Dining at the End of the World

by Sean O’Reilly
On the south shore of Iceland, forty minutes from Reykjavik and not far from the waterfall Gullfoss is one of the coziest and yet loneliest restaurants in the world–Vio Fjorubordid in the tiny village of Stokkeseyri. The North Sea winds howl and the snow comes down like a lash outside the snug, candlelit
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