“Oh my god, how did they do that?”

This may well be the question you find yourself asking after reading the adrenaline pumping and gut churning stories in, Danger! True Stories of Trouble and Survival, edited by James O’Reilly, Larry Habegger, and Sean O’Reilly (May 1999). All of these authors were forced to make split-second decisions that would forever change their lives.

If you are weak in the stomach or faint of heart-stop right here. For the bold, this is the ultimate adventure reading that takes you to the farthest corners of the world and through the most harrowing deeds imaginable.

From the safety of your home, you will venture to the wild side with:

  • Peter Potterfield’s bone crunching fall in “Chimney Rock.”
  • Joanna Greenfield as she survives a devastating attack in “Hyena.”
  • Robert K. Wilcox as his instincts fail him in “Flying Blind.”
  • Janine Jones in “Surviving the City of Angels”, as she navigates her way through a frightening interaction on a city bus.

Other notable authors include Eric Hansen, Sebastian Junger, Josie Dew, Peter Maass, Lyall Watson, Bill Buford and more.

All of these authors survived their adventures and lived to talk about them. Tim Cahill sums it up best: “A reader is not going to walk away from this collection unscathed. Each and every story is compulsively readable, as matters of life and death always are.”

About the Editors:
James O’Reilly was born in Oxford, England, raised in San Francisco, and lives with his family in Leavenworth, WA and Palo Alto, California. Larry Habegger was born and raised in Minnesota and lives with his family on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. James and Larry first worked together as late night disc jockeys at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Since 1983 their travel features and self-syndicated column, World Travel Watch, have appeared in magazines and newspapers in the United States and other countries. Sean O’Reilly is a former seminarian and stockbroker who lives in Arizona with his wife Brenda and their four small boys. Widely traveled in Europe, East Africa and the Indian Ocean, he and the entire family most recently completed an 18,000 mile van odyssey around the United States hunting for the treasures of the open road.

Danger! True Stories of Trouble and Survival
Edited by James O’Reilly, Larry Habegger & Sean O’Reilly
$17.95, paperback
5 X 8, 310 pages
ISBN: 1-885211-32-5
Publication Date: May 1999