1. Beijing
  2. Ulan Bator
  3. Jakarta
  4. Bangkok

4. Bangkok
Want to read more about Thailand?

Since its publication in 1993, Travelers’ Tales Thailand has become required reading for numerous travelers heading to Thailand as well as armchair travelers hungry for a taste of this unique and exotic country. The many stories in Travelers’ Tales Thailand inform and enlighten the reader about this special country. Thailand is a place with a deep respect for family and monarchy and a pervasive Buddhism practiced by the vast majority. This Buddhist influence is felt in the cities and forests, on the islands and beaches, and especially in the gentleness of the people. Just a few of the notable authors you’ll find in this book: Pico Iyer, Norman Lewis, Diane Summers, Simon Winchester, Ian Buruma, Thurston Clarke, Thalia Zepatos, Charles Nicholl, Susan Fulop Kepner, William Warren, Tim Ward, Jeff Greenwald, and Joe Cummings.

Want to read more about Central America?

Central America today lures travelers of all stripes—a fitting match for a region of such grand variety. From Belize down to Panama, vibrant, luscious jungle gives way to ancient ruins, steaming volcanoes, balmy beaches, first-class diving and snorkeling, rich, colorful markets, indigenous culture, and some of the world’s most abundant wildlife. Though its seven countries—Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama—share certain commonalties, each offers a unique window into this poignant, complex, and astonishingly beautiful part of the world. A region well known for its years of political unrest, travelers to Central America will discover an area informed by countless elements&3151;in part by struggle, but also by immense beauty and diversity; a region recently emerging from darkness.

In Travelers’ Tales Central America, visit the Panamanian island of Coiba, home to countless species of the most exotic wildlife in the Americas, as well as a penal colony of 250 convicted felons. Attend a hippie Rainbow Gathering on Lago Atitlán, and experience the perils of cooking in Guatemala. Visit a volcano-based camp of Guatemalan revolutionaries and, against all odds, fall in love. Glimpse the other side of Nicaragua’s revolution—its wealthy Generation X repatriates. Make an unusual friendship with the caretaker of a tiny island off the coast of Belize. And, enjoy a steamy encounter with a jaguar-catching Texan cowgirl in Guatemala City. Just a few of the notable authors you’ll find in this book: Paul Theroux, Jennifer Harbury, Randy Wayne White, Tim Cahill and others.



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