By Marybeth Bond

“…must reading for women travelers of any age.”
Chicago Tribune

Travel with Gutsy Women! With over 50,000 copies sold, bestselling Gutsy Women has been an unflagging force in women’s travel since first published in 1996, inspiring women of all ages and backgrounds to take to the road. Written by award-winning author and travel expert Marybeth Bond, Gutsy Women has received numerous accolades. “Packed with instructive and inspiring travel vignettes and tips,” praises the Boston Globe; “Brimming with useful advice,” cites the San Francisco Examiner; “The perfect bon voyage gift for your favorite woman traveler,” claims Living Fit Magazine.

Now, in its second edition, Gutsy Women: More Travel Tips and Wisdom for the Road, contains over 50% more information, with new and invaluable advice and anecdotes, including chapters on travel rituals, volunteering, and women traveling together. In Gutsy Women, you’ll discover: time-tested secrets to prepare for your trip; how to increase your safety on the road; the rewards and challenges of solo travel, including how to deal with loneliness; how to stay healthy abroad; and how to manage your money, including advice on bargaining and tipping. Specific chapters address the needs of the business traveler; first-time travelers, including high school- and college-aged travelers; the older traveler; and the mother traveling with children. An extensive resource and reference section provides everything from recommended reading to packing lists.

Women’s travel has grown and changed dramatically over the last five years, demanding a new edition of Gutsy Women. More and more women, especially older women, are traveling together. Women are venturing out on solo journeys at younger and younger ages. And women are seeking to add meaning to their travels by volunteering or pursuing a particular interest or hobby while on the road. The number of women-specific tour groups, on-line travel websites, and other resources has nearly doubled. All of these issues and more are covered in this new edition.

But Gutsy Women is about more than simply travel. As Bond says in her introduction, “It is about the rewards of risk-taking, living, feeling, learning, and loving; it is about having the strength to be ourselves and taking steps toward making our dreams real.” Inspiring, energizing, illuminating, and empowering,Gutsy Women is an indispensable guide and the perfect book for beginning as well as experienced travelers, from grads to grannies, backpackers to business executives.

About the author

Marybeth Bond is a noted travel writer, consultant and keynote speaker on women’s travel. She is currently the travel expert on CBS’s Evening Magazine. Her other books include A Woman’s World, winner of the Lowell Thomas Award for Best Travel Book, A Woman’s Passion for Travel, A Mother’s World, andGutsy Mamas. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two daughters.

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Gutsy Women: More Travel Tips and Wisdom for the Road (2nd Edition)
By Marybeth Bond
Travelers’ Tales, May, 2001
$12.95 ($20.00 Canada), trade paperback, 168 pages, 5 1/8″ x 8″
ISBN: 1-885211-61-9