Several crimes against U.S. travelers have occurred since the beginning of the year. In April a missionary driving from Texas to Honduras’s northern coast was carjacked and robbed at gunpoint. Also in April, a bar and bookstore in Tegucigalpa owned by an American and patronized by diplomats and foreign travelers was held up. All the patrons were robbed, some with guns pointed at their heads. In May two Americans traveling through to Panama came upon a highway robbery in progress on the dirt road between Olanchito, Yoro and La Union, Olancho. As they sped past their car was shot and disabled but they were able to coast down the hill to safety. Three other highway robberies were reported on the same stretch of road in the previous two weeks. In June, heavily-armed bandits followed a car from the San Pedro Sula airport along the road toward the north coast, forced the car off the highway and robbed the passengers and driver.