The U.S. Embassy in Jakarta reported that the Indonesian government has imposed new restrictions on access for foreigners to the northern Sumatra province of Aceh because of the ongoing counterinsurgency campaign. Anyone wishing to travel to Aceh, including journalists and employees of humanitarian agencies, must first get approval from government agencies. Travelers require a permit from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights; humanitarian workers need approval from the Coordinating Minister of Social Welfare; journalists require an additional clearance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All foreigners must enter and leave Aceh through Iskandar Muda Airport in Banda Aceh. Upon arrival, they must report to the regional military command and the provincial police. Then they may only visit the provincial and district capitals, may only travel between cities under military escort, and may not make statements to the press without permission of the military authorities. The Director General of Immigration has produced a blue, pocket-sized book for all foreign travelers to Aceh. Immigration officials in Banda Aceh are checking the documents of all foreigners arriving at the airport. Those without the blue booklet are not permitted entry.