An Israeli missile attack on a Hamas leader that killed 16 other people and wounded more than 150 has shattered peace hopes, incited Palestinian rage and unleashed promises of reprisals. The State Department has protocols for its personnel in Israel that should be heeded by any Americans traveling there. These include exercising “a high degree of caution in patronizing restaurants, cafes, malls, and theaters, especially during peak hours of business. Discos and clubs remain off-limits to American citizen Embassy employees.” Similarly, “employees and family members are prohibited from using public buses and are strongly advised to avoid bus stops and the areas around them.” In Jerusalem, “the Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Mall, Mahane Yehuda Market area of West Jerusalem, King George Street between Ben Yehuda and Jaffa Street and Jaffa Street continue to be ‘off-limits’ to American citizen Embassy staff and family members until further notice. U.S. citizens are strongly urged to use extreme caution in downtown areas of West Jerusalem and the city center, the industrial/shopping district of Talpiyot, located south of the Jerusalem City Center, the Tayelit or Promenade tourist walk located in Armon Hanatziv bordering the Palestinian Village Abu-Tor, and the village of Abu-Tor.” In addition, extreme caution is advised “while traveling in the commercial district of East Jerusalem and the Old City…The Old City is off-limits to American citizen Embassy employees and family members at night.”