The U. S. Embassy in Abidjan closed as a temporary security measure Feb. 3 because of scheduled demonstrations near the embassy chancery building, but expected to reopen within days, security conditions permitting. The political situation is volatile with anti-French demonstrations now occurring almost daily. Thousands of government supporters are upset with the French for brokering a peace agreement that allows the rebels to share power, and ruling party leaders have urged the legislature to reject the peace plan. Rebels have threatened to march on Abidjan if the plan is scrapped. French citizens have been escorted out of the country by French troopers and Air France has initiated two daily flights between Abidjan and Paris for any French or other foreigners who want to leave. The U.S. State Department urges all Americans in Ivory Coast to depart, and any contemplating travel there to defer plans. The 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew has been extended through Feb. 15.