Selected Critical Acclaim for Travelers’ Tales

“The Travelers’ Tales series is altogether remarkable.”
—Jan Morris, author of Fifty Years of Europe

“For the thoughtful traveler, these books are an invaluable resource.
There’s nothing like them on the market.”
—Pico Iyer, author of Video Night in Kathmandu

“…Travelers’ Tales is a valuable addition to any pre-departure reading list.”
—Tony Wheeler, publisher, Lonely Planet Publications

“The Travelers’ Tales series should become required reading for anyone visiting a foreign country who wants to truly step off the tourist track and experience another culture, another place, first hand.”
—Nancy Paradis, St. Petersburg Times

“Like having been there, done it, seen it. If there’s one thing traditional guidebooks lack, it’s the really juicy travel information, the personal stories about back alleys and brief encounters. The Travelers’ Tales series fills this gap with an approach that’s all anecdotes, no directions.”
—Jim Gullo, Diversion

“…Travelers’ Tales is a useful and enlightening addition to the travel book-shelves…providing a real service for those who enjoy reading first-person accounts of a destination before seeing it for themselves.”
—Bill Newlin, publisher, Moon Publications

“The Travelers’ Tales series aims to convey the excitement of voyaging through exotic territory with a vivacity that guidebooks can only hint at.”
Millennium Whole Earth Catalog

“Travelers’ Tales delivers something most guidebooks only promise: a real sense
of what a country is all about….”
—Steve Silk, Hartford Courant

“This is the stuff memories can be duplicated from.”
—Karen Krebsbach, Foreign Service Journal