$17.95True Stories of Passion on the Road

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By Judith Babcock Wylie
January 1998
ISBN 1-885211-18-X 319 pages
romance_sThis sexy book is packed with personal stories of love, lust, and romance on the road, exploring the places where passion resides. Experience the tender, funny, and sometimes scary side of love in foreign lands and discover why travel can often be the ultimate form of romance. Notable authors in this collection: Mark Salzman, Meredith Maran, David Yeadon, Lucy McCauley, and Pico Iyer.
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Part One: Essence

Leaving Los Pajaros–Iris Litt

The Working Class–Judy Wade

The Bridge at Mostar–Frank Hahn

Sachiko-san–Pico Iyer

Day in Capri–Beth Ann Fennelly

The Lucky Thing–Cat Gonzales

Sweet Mystery of Life–Lee Gutkind

Animal Crackers–Susan Feinberg
Tierra del Fuego

Lila’s Ballet Shoes–Gordon Magill

Twenty-four Hours in Hong Kong–Cheryl Herring
Hong Kong

Equal Pressure–Frank X. Case

Part Two: Some Things to Do

Hotel Paradis-o–Robert Strauss

Black Hair and a Bull’s Ear–Mary Ellen Schultz

Wind in the West–Claire Tristram

Wacky Weekend–David Yeadon
Living Room

In a Soldier’s Care–Nancy Hill

Desperately Seeking Protection–Arthur Dawson

Transformation in Venice–Mary Gaffney

Pizza in Papeete–Charles N. Barnard

Part Three: Going Your Own Way

The Sand Dollar Theory–Pat Hanna Kuehl
Mexico and Beyond

Tropical Temptation–Beth Clark

First Date with Anne–Meredith Maran

A Walk on the Wild Side–Lawrence Millman

Growing Up in Nepal–Glenn A. Leichman

Death of the Mother–Tim Ward

Love Boat–Jim Nollman
Canary Islands

Hindustani Personals–Carole Chelsea George

Drawn to Darkness–Joana McIntyre Varawa

In the Arms of the Green Lady–Malidoma Patrice Some
Burkina Faso

Little Mi–Mark Salzman

Part Four: In the Shadows

Feast of Fatima–Richard Sterling
Penang, Malaysia

Veil of Kanchenjunga–Barbara Baer

The Firing Squad–Michael Lane

Bo’sun Seduction–Meredith Moraine
South Pacific

Mother Theresa on Death Row–Michael Wayne Hunter
San Quentin Prison

Part Five: The Last Word

Remember Africa?–Jo Beth McDaniel

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Judith Babcock Wylie has longed to travel ever since she rode a big yellow school bus to school through the farmlands of Ohio and wished every day that the bus would veer off on a great adventure. After graduate school, followed by many years of administrative work in universities, she took the leap into full-time travel writing fifteen years ago, and has not looked back.

Since then she has eaten bird’s nest soup in Hong Kong, sailed to Bali, rounded up cattle with a ranch family in California, trekked to see parrots in Jamaica’s cockpit country, gawked at the temples in Mandalay, and swum with penguins in the Galapagos. She is an editor with Romantic Traveling, which can also be seen on the Web site “Thrive,” a joint effort on America Online and Time, Inc.; writes a weekly column, “Travel Help: On Line and In Print,” and writes travel features that have appeared in many publications, including Travel & Leisure, New Woman, TWA Ambassador, Modern Maturity, Honeymoons and Romantic Destinations, and newspapers such as the Miami Herald, the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, and the Atlanta Constitution.

She has contributed essays for a number of Travelers’ Tales volumes and Fodor’s Los Angeles Guidebook, is coauthor of The Spa Book and The Romance Emporium, and has won a Big Island of Hawaii Journalism Award. She regularly teaches travel writing workshops at New York University and the University of California at Berkeley and Santa Cruz.

Judy and her husband Frank live on an organic farm in Santa Cruz, California, with their cat Fearless, assorted deer, bobcat, and coyote and 300 apple and pear trees. She writes in a cabin office at the edge of an orchard overlooking the Pacific Ocean.