When you travel on a business trip you want a competitive edge, and having all the tools readily available at your hotel can help you leapfrog the competition.


  1. Hyatt Hotels and Resorts
    Offer best rate guarantee and many properties offer business center with internet access for no additional charge.
    800-492-8891 FREE
  2. Hilton Hotels
    Hilton Hotels offers easy to use online reservations. Most properties provide in-room internet access and dedicated executive floors.
    1-800-HILTONS FREE
  3. Marriott
    The Marriot brand can meet the needs of the luxury traveler, the thrifty traveler and those in-between.
    1-800-932-2198 FREE
  4. Starwood Hotels and Resorts
    A global operator of hotels and resorts primarily in the luxury and upscale segment of the lodging industry.
    1-888-625-4990 FREE
  5. Four Seasons Hotels
    Finest quality service including highly personalized 24-hour service. Four Seasons embodies a true home away from home for those who know and appreciate the best.
    1-800-819-5053 FREE



Joel Widzer Psy.D., is an expert on consumer loyalty and frequent flier programs. He is the author of The Penny Pincher’s Passport to Luxury Travel and a contributor to MSNBC. His consulting firm www.jetready.com advises travelers and businesses on a range of issues from maximizing their travel programs to managing travel fatigue. He can be reached at 714-544-2855.