Maoist rebels have abandoned a cease-fire and pulled out of peace talks that many had hoped would resolve the long-running insurgency here. Already Maoist attacks on security forces have escalated and attempts to assassinate two officers at their residences occurred. In response, police set up checkpoints throughout the Kathmandu Valley and the already bad traffic was made much worse. Maoists have made threats against U.S. and international aid groups, and according to the U.S. State Department, there has been a “reported threat by Maoist extortionists to kidnap or kill American or British trekkers.” To date, no Americans have been attacked or injured by the Maoists or in any battles between the Maoists and the armed forces. Maoists have been active in most of the popular trekking areas, but the Everest region above Lukla has been essentially free of trouble. These developments are bad news for the people of Nepal, and coming on the cusp of the fall trekking season, bad news for travelers.