The June 7 election in the UK gave Tony Blair’s Labor party a resounding victory but in Northern Ireland it has raised worries about the progress of peace plans in the troubled region. Protestant opponents of the Northern Ireland peace agreement gained two seats in Parliament and now have only one fewer seat than Protestant supporters of the agreement, led by David Trimble. Trimble has also vowed to resign July 1 if the IRA doesn’t begin disarming, which they are committed to do under the Good Friday Agreement. Last year Trimble survived a similar crisis, but this time he may not, unless the IRA really does turn in some weapons, rather than having them confirmed as being put “beyond use.” Meanwhile, Protestant marching season is in full swing and culminates in mid-July, and could be more rancorous than usual and possibly violent. Drumcree in Portadown has been a flash point the last few years and may be so again. Avoid these marches, or any communities where marches are scheduled to take place.