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We are flying to Bali from Scotland on the 26th of this month with a 6 day stopover in Singapore, we are flying BA, Qantas and were wondering if there is any way of getting free or very cheap upgrades. We are going to be celebrating my 50th Birthday when we are away and an upgrade would be a dream come true for us.

Can you give us any advice on the best way to go about this?

Appreciate any help you can give us.


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Answered by The Penny Pincher

Happy Birthday,

What a wonderful trip for your 50th. I recommend two things. First have your spouse call or email the general managers of your hotels to notify them of your special trip. Follow-up with another email one or two days prior to your actual arrival. Then, if possible and your comfortable doing so, have your spouse check into the hotel incognito. Simply inform the front desk representative that you contacted the general manager’s office (have the mangers name ready) about your special celebration. Your hotels will honor you with nice room upgrades.

Follow this same procedure at the airport. After clearing security, have your spouse speak to the lead agent at your gate and mention how meaningful an upgrade would be for this special trip.


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