AA Lifetime Membership

AA Lifetime Membership 2016-01-31T19:41:45-08:00

AA is offering senior lifetime membership in their club for $2500.

Would you comment on the airline clubs and their amenities, etc.



Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi John,

The answer depends on how frequently you plan to travel. If you follow my creed and travel with one airline, and travel five or more times a year it can be a useful investment.

Other factors include your age, and if you plan or currently have any elite status with American Airlines. For example, if you’re an Executive Platinum member the annual fee for lounge membership is $300, per year, which means you’ll have to travel 9 years to recoup your investment.

You can also use miles for membership. Currently if you’re a regular member (without Elite Status) it requires 70,000 miles per annual membership, which you might earn each year with your AAdvantage credit card.

Overall, if you have good life expectancy and plan to travel with American Airlines for at-least the next five years it would be a good investment.