Any Upgrade Strategies?

Any Upgrade Strategies? 2016-01-31T19:41:48-07:00

I read your book “Penny Pinchers Passport” and need your help on an upcoming trip.

I understand that it is important to build up loyalty and a track record before I request favors but I am scheduled to fly Cathay Pacific for the first time from New York to Vancouver next month. Do you have any strategies that might make it possible for me and my companion to get upgraded from coach to business class or getting into their lounge?

We are on a discounted ticket so the full fare coach strategy that was mentioned in your book is not applicable. I will be dressed for the part because I will be coming from work.

Thanks for your help.

Gordon Allen


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Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Gordon,

Thank you for the question and for reading my book. I’m afraid that this one will be a little tough. Lacking a track record of loyalty and having a discounted ticket are the two main factors working against you. However, your politeness and pleasantries with a helpful gate agent will go a long way, and is your best bet.

Don’t give up hope—eventually the upgrades will be easier to get.

Good luck.