Bulkhead Blues

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We have faithfully and LOYALLY flown Continental for years, and though my husband usually easily makes platinum elite and I do all I can to see that I make gold elite, they still give the bulkhead seats to parents with babies, or worse—they put kids in those seats. They fly once a year—I fly all year long to get some privileges. We book early, and we ask and ask. No go. Ever seen a grown woman beg? Well, I have had to do so in the past year to get a bulkhead, and usually to no avail. On one trip they kept us waiting and wondering for 2 hours—we still didn’t get bulkheads. We started asking when we arrived at the President’s Club and kept up our vigil—but with no joy.

Any secrets we just don’t know about in this regard? We are fed up.

Thanks for any input you might have.

Lana Grossman
Houston, Tx


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Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Lana,

I am surprised to hear about your difficulties getting bulkhead seats. I, too, am a fan of the bulkhead, and I never have any trouble getting it on Delta. In fact, the agent often asks me if I would like to change to a “better” non bulkhead seat.

Generally speaking, people do not prefer the bulkhead.

Since you are having so much trouble with Continental, try a few code-share flights on Delta and see what happens. You’ll still earn your points towards elite status, as long as you book it as a Continental ticket.

Another option is to stress your loyalty (again) and tell the agent that you know that preferred seats are set aside for elite members and these are the seats you prefer.

All the best,