Bundling Air Miles and Shopping Points

Bundling Air Miles and Shopping Points 2016-01-31T22:25:31-08:00

What is your opinion of a website called www.points.com? It appear to be a safe sight, but I have difficulty navigating it. Does it give a fair return for amalgamating points from air mile plans and shopping points plans?



Answered by The Fearless Shopper

Dear Louise,

Using a site that bundles all your points seems a matter of personal preference. While it appears to be convenient, sites such as this one are not worth the time or effort for me. Others might like it. You mentioned that you have difficulty navigating the site. If that’s the case from the start, you might not want to bother with it.

Regarding your question about a fair return for amalgamating points, I’d be cautious. Sometimes—depending upon the participating programs—when you swap between reward programs, you may lose points.

Other general notes of caution: Some sites are legit; many aren’t, though this one appears to be fine. Before you sign on, do your homework to determine which are on the up and up. Read the security disclaimer and the frequently asked questions, talk to their customer service center to see how they respond, and ask others if they have used this site and encountered problems or benefits.

Many such sites charge a one time or monthly subscription fee. So you’ve got to do the math. Calculate how much you’d spend on whatever they offer over a period of time and how much you’d save by using the service. If the service will save you time and money, try it. Otherwise, don’t. In any case, if you have the slightest doubt, I’d say don’t do it.

Enjoy using your points wherever you park them!

The Fearless Shopper

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