Business Class Upgrade

Business Class Upgrade 2016-01-31T19:42:06-08:00

I am flying on Air France to Paris from NYC roundtrip on a discounted economy fare ticket. Any suggestions for being upgraded to business class? I understand that Air France is a frequent flyer partner of Delta and I am a Royal Medallion Frequent Flyer on Delta although my current point balance is low.


Air France can be a little tough, as are many foreign carriers. However, with a little pizzazz and tactful persuasion you should be able to enjoy at least business class on your journey across the Atlantic. Your first step is to check on the availability of upgrades for your flight. You can do this by calling the airline and asking them “how the first class cabin looks on that flight.” Then of course ask to be upgraded or at least put on a waitlist for an upgrade. At the airport, side step the lower level workers and go straight to the lead agent or manager at the airport. Remember, be very polite and stress your past, and most importantly your future business with the airline.

Good luck!

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