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I am looking for a business credit card that will earn me the most miles to apply towards travel with all airlines. Is there such a credit card that works with all the airlines?

Thank you.


Answered by The Penny Pincher

Dear Susan,

This is perhaps the most daunting question I get because credit card issuers are always changing their programs, or in the case of recent business headlines—banks are increasingly merging. Two recent banks to consolidate are Morgan Chase and Bank One, both of whom are large issuers of travel related credit cards. With this in mind, I would suggest that you take a look at two cards: The American Express Business Membership Rewards Cards, 1-800-521-6121, and The Diners Club Card, 1-800-234-6377. Both of these cards allow you to transfer earned points into a number of airline programs. They both also offer special discounts for other business related purchases.

Good luck.

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