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I am a student who will be traveling to the UK to study for three weeks. I need new luggage as my current set is worn out. What advice do you have as to what luggage I should consider buying for a three-week stay away from home as well as size considerations in regards to a student budget of $100-150? Where can I find cheap but durable and reliable luggage? I’d like to take just one large main suitcase.

Thanks a million! Duncan

Answered by The Fearless Shopper

Dear Duncan,

The “less is more” adage applies here. Pack light. It’s a bit more difficult in cold weather than in warm weather because the clothes are bulkier, but for three weeks you only need a week’s worth of clothes. So, I’d recommend a backpack and a small- or medium-sized, rolling suitcase or duffle. For an extra benefit, luggage that’s expandable is useful for carrying your foreign purchases or gifts back home.

Here are a few web sites that have current sales, good prices, or free shipping:

Also, check your local newspaper for sales or stop in at sporting goods stores and compare prices. I once found a rolling ski-boot bag on sale that made a great traveling bag for clothes and books.

If you have to bring books, you may need a larger suitcase, but you’ll still want something easy, like a backpack, for short trips. Remember, you’re a student; you don’t need much. If you’re having trouble deciding what garments to bring, spread out everything you think you want to take, and then eliminate half of it. You really can get by with less than you think. (Just about anything you forget, you can find in the UK.)

One last note: if you’re checking your bag, consider a color other than black (or put an identifying mark or string on yours). So many black suitcases tumble off the conveyer belt that it’s difficult to identify yours quickly.

Have fun and travel light,

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