Clothes at a “Good Price”

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Where can you find clothes at a good price? Both women’s and

Ann Harrington

Answered by The Fearless Shopper

Dear Ann,

Everyone wants a “good price,” but what’s good for one person might be extravagant for another. What exactly constitutes a “good price”? The answer, of course, depends on your own personal preferences and budget.

For me, quality and service are as important as price. I would rather buy just a few items that I love at reasonable prices than load up on cheap frills. If I’m satisfied the price is right for the quality I’m getting, then I’ve bought the clothes at “a good price.” So, define what’s important to you. If price is your sole criteria, have fun scouring your neighborhood for discount chains, flea markets, yard sales, and second-hand clothing stores. If quality is important, but your budget is tight, then seek out local boutiques that offer personal service, and frequent them. Befriend the staff, let them know your favorite styles, and ask them to alert you to special sales and discounts.

Look around before you buy and only buy what you love at a price you think is fair. And remember: You can always negotiate for a better price! For hints at home and abroad, check out my chapter on bargaining in The Fearless Shopper.

Happy hunting.

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