Consolidating air miles

Consolidating air miles 2016-01-31T19:42:04-08:00

I have mileage on United Airlines and US Airways Alaska Airlines, and I don’t fly too much anymore now that I am retired. Can I combine these air miles with another carrier to utilize some later?
Thank you.


Answered by The Penny Pincher

Dear Terry,
This is a tricky situation; what you need to do is determine how you can move you miles into one account that will give you the greatest benefit.
Try to determine what program will best meet your current and anticipated travel needs, and then choose it as your airline travel partner. You can then try to consolidate the miles from your other frequent flyer accounts into one account. Say you choose United Airlines as your preferred carrier, so you will need to transfer your miles from U.S. Airways and Alaska Airlines into programs that ultimately will find there way into your United Airlines account. To do this you will use an intermediary account, such as a hotel, credit card, or car rental account. Then transfer those miles or points from the intermediary account into an account that will allow you to transfer miles to United Airlines, such as an American Express account. Please understand that this process might cost you miles, or in other words, you will have fewer miles than you started with, but they will be consolidated into one account. A good, up-to-date source on how to transfer miles is Randy Petersen’s web site,

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