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Hi Joel,

I enjoy the way you present things in travel and have learned a lot from you, even though I myself have been a United 1K for about ten years.

The one area worth stressing when you talk about contrarian thinking is a) Europe between December 15 to January 15, in some markets extending to mid-Febraury. This is a time when business travel is very low, plane fares are at their lowest, or b) the Mexican resorts area like Cancun, Cozumel, Cabo, etc. during the summer months when there are no hordes of people trying to escape wintery bad weather or c) speaking of wintery bad weather, I just sayed at the Ottawa Marriott for nearly nothing including breakfast. So don’t overlook Canada during the winter months. People sometimes say “Who would want to go there at that time of the year,” but actually the chances are 50/50 that you could catch mild weather.

Hope you don’t mind mentioning what might seem to you the obvious but which I thought was not stressed enough.

Just out of curiosity, when it comes to “contrarian thinking,” how would you
place Israel in terms of the way you look at destinations? There is the
perception that life is precarious and dangerous, yet whenever I go to
Israel I never see even the slightest sign of violence and the only thing
out of the ordinary is the more visible sign of security, and I should say
armed security. More people die daily in New York City from violent acts
than in all of Israel. Yet you don’t witness violent acts when you
go to Manhattan, either.

On the other hand, it has been my experience that the hotels are not so
quick to reduce their room rates despite the slow period they are currently


West Chester, PA


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Answered by The Penny Pincher

I think that Israel is an excellent place for travel. I arrived in Tel Aviv, the morning after a deadly nightclub bombing and was surprised how relaxed the general population seemed to be. The prices in Israel are fairly stable because security has always been an on-going concerning.

Some other areas in the Middle East such as Dubai, and the Four Seasons at Sharm El Sheikh, in Egypt do offer fairly low pricing.

All the best,