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Can you tell me which FF programs credit 100% of miles flown on the deep discount tickets (U, V, etc.) towards elite status? Skymiles, my present program, only credited 50% of my miles flown, so although I flew over 25,000 miles, I am still only half-way to status. I didn’t make it on segments either, as they eliminated those and so want to change to a better program.

My destinations are mainly Europe and Australasia.

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Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi David,

Most airlines are moving towards the model of rewarding elite qualifying miles/points based on the paid fare basis. The rationale is that it preserves the integrity of elite status. The airlines are working hard to reward their best customers with premium service, while offering rock bottom prices to transitory customers.

Delta’s SkyMile program is pretty much in-line with other programs from mainline carriers—those carriers that best serve the U.S. to Europe/Australia markets.

I actually think that Delta has a more generous program allowing you to earn a 200% premium on your qualifying miles.

I recently wrote a column that explains how it can be fairly easy to make the system work in your favor.

Take a look at: What’s the Status of Your Status?

As a side note, if you’re frequently traveling to Australia, you might consider United Airlines, since Delta’s service to that region is pretty much limited to New Zealand.

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