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Mr. Widzer,
Just finished your book…… Love it! Got some great tips to use but my question is this…I’m taking my family “we are driving” to Disney World in mid February “off peak season.” We are staying at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge, 2 nights 3 days at Travel Agency rates. Do you think Disney will upgrade our room even though I’m receiving Travel Agent rates?
Thank you for your time.
Rodd Savitt


Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Rodd,
Thank you for such nice words about my book. You might be interested to know that a new edition that builds on the first edition will be released in the spring of 2004.

With respect to your question:
Your first good news is that you are traveling off-season; this will be your greatest aid in getting an upgrade. I wasn’t quite sure from your question if you are a travel agent or if you just have a travel agent rate. Either way you should not have any trouble getting an upgrade. If you’re a travel agent you will most likely get an upgrade because the Disney Resorts still rely on travel agents for a large portion of their bookings—so they will want to make you happy, showing you preferred service in the hope that you will send business their way.

If you are traveling on a rate that was booked by a travel agent, I suggest that you call the travel agent and have him or her call the hotel directly (not central reservations, but the actual hotel), have the agent speak to the manger of in-house reservations and have them request that you receive an upgrade. I also suggest that you call the hotel directly and find out what type of premium rooms they offer and request the upgraded room type that will best meet your needs.
Have a wonderful trip, and thanks again for your compliment.

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