Does My Credit Card Offer Car Rental Insurance?

Does My Credit Card Offer Car Rental Insurance? 2016-01-31T19:41:59-07:00


I am a traveler and don’t have an auto policy in the US, is there any way I can save some money? I need to rent a car for a week and that could cost me a lot if I do so.

I have Discover Card, Wells Fargo MasterCard, and MBNA College MasterCard; do you know if any of them have car rental insurance or accident insurance covered? Or do none of them cover that and will I need to pay the car rental company regardless?

Do you have any suggestion to save money??

I appreciate your advice! 🙂



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Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Tina,

Without knowing the specific type of card you have (each issuer offers a range of different card programs) I cannot say for certain if your cards include car rental coverage. For the most part, cards issued by Wells Fargo and MBNA do offer auto rental insurance coverage. What you will need to do is call the card issuer’s 800 number on the back of your card and ask the phone representative if you have rental car insurance coverage.

If your cards do not offer coverage, then I suggest that you call the rental company you’re going to use and ask them if they have a package for overseas travelers that includes insurance in the rate. Many car rental companies offer this for overseas travelers saving them a lot of money versus purchasing insurance separately. Lastly, if you have time you can apply for a card that does offer insurance, such as an American Express Card.

Have a safe trip.