EU Duty on Cigarettes

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My husband and I (both smokers) are taking a 3-week trip toScotland, England, France, Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Once in England we will be based on a cruise ship until in Rome. We would need to carry about 11 cartons of cigarettes for our personal use to take us through this trip. Is this allowed? If so, what would the duty charges be? Thanks so much for any information you can impart regarding this.

Beverly McClellan

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Answered by The Fearless Shopper

Dear Beverly,

Generally, non-European Union nationals are permitted 200 cigarettes, duty-free. Each country may have slightly different regulations. So, you may want to do a Google country search online about customs regulations for tobacco. Most likely, your cruise ship operator can provide current information as well. For related information, see Duty Free in The Fearless Shopper archives.

Enjoy your cruise.