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How do I travel around Germany/Austria and Czech Republic and pay low rates for a hotel/motel/inn/b&b without having to stay in a hostel? How can I get good accommodation and air packages? Or is it cheaper not to get a package? Thanks!


Answered by The Penny Pincher

Right now I would recommend that you book your air and land packages separately. Many airlines are offering all-time low airfares from the states to Europe. Once in Europe, keep in mind that the dollar is trading at a discount to the euro of about 20%. This means that your U.S. Dollar will basically only be worth about 80 cents per Euro. However, fortunately the list of countries you plan to visit should offer some relatively good value.

My first suggestion is to rent a car since these are all neighboring countries and you can have the flexibility of your own schedule and ability to deviate from your itinerary when you want to. You might try calling Sixt Car Rental in Europe, One thing to keep in mind is that some car rentals are not allowed in the former Soviet Block countries, including the Czech Republic. You will need to check that you can take the rental car into the Czech Republic.
As for hotels, I would check with the Hilton and Starwood Groups. Both of these companies have pretty good coverage in these countries. You can also check out The Best Western European Traveler Program, This program allows you to simply buy Best Western Advance units in your local currency and use the Travel Card loaded with these units for payment at any of the participating hotels. The price includes breakfast and most of the Best Western hotels in Europe are pretty nice. There is one in Prague which I have stayed at previously.

Have a good trip.

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