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I love your website and your articles — thanks!

Question: I generally travel a “fair” amount — approx 75-100K miles per year (to me, that’s a fair amount). Over time, I’ve saved up (and used) a lot of FF miles — primarily with Continental and United Airlines.

Currently, my job has temporarily moved me to a position where my travel is very limited, and based on your recent article, I’m worried about my FF account going dormant, and losing my mileage.

I need to keep the accounts alive for another 12-18 months at least. What do you advise? Do occasional charges to an appropriate credit card generally “count” toward keeping the account active?

Thanks much and travel safely,


Answered by The Penny Pincher


As long as you have any type of activity from flying, credit card, hotels, car rental or any ancillary programs your account will remain active.

I would call your airline to inquire what their expiration period is and then sign up for all of their earning partners. This will keep you going.

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Joel Widzer

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