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My partner and I, in our later 60’s, are finding it difficult to locate a reasonably priced hotel room in Florence this next October.

We are not “starving students” but we’re not wealthy, either, and like 400 euros/night is kinda steep for us.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Wes,

You have a few things working against you. The first is the horrible exchange rate of the dollar to the euro. It is currently trading at a historical high, meaning your US dollar is now only worth about .80 euro. The other is that the month of October is considered a peak period for Florence, causing rooms to sell at a premium.

If you must go to Florence this year, I suggest that you consider November. The rates will drop approximately 40%. I have been to Florence in November and enjoyed it quite well—I especially like the smaller crowds at the Museums.

As for getting a good hotel value you might consider the Grand Hotel, Florence. I have stayed there and thought it was a nice quality hotel. They currently have a Taste of Luxury Special where with a 3 night stay your fourth night is free.

This effectively reduces your rate on a per night basis. This rate includes full daily breakfast and tax.

You can call 888-625-5144 or click above for more information.

Enjoy your trip,


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