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My husband and I have been loyal credit card holders of the AA Visa for a number of years. Our jobs do not involve much travel (I am a school counselor and he is a project manager for a public utility). So, the miles we accumulate are through the use of paying for the credit card and making purchases. In other words, it takes us a while to have enough to go anywhere, like Europe. We would like to go to France in June, and we have tentatively held two seats into Paris and out of London. Do you have suggestions as to how we get good seats for these two flights? We will be staying with friends for a few nights, and hotels for most of the two weeks.

I reading your writing about mutually beneficial relationships, we have loyally held this card. Do they care and what words can I use to our advantage? Or do we need to do what was suggested about waiting until the very end to be seated? I don’t think that will work to our advantage to sit together.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Beverly,

Thanks for the great question.

I would recommend that you call American Airlines as soon as possible and request the seats you want. If they are not accommodating, then I would call the customer service number for your AAdvantage credit card and request that they intercede on your behalf to get you the seats you want. Stress how loyal a card holder you have been and they should be helpful.

Good luck and have a nice trip.