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As we are travelling to Thailand and Australia at Christmas on Thai Airlines/ Business class our Travel rep said we should join Thai’s frequent flyer program. We joined online however we were unable to print out the membership cards (you only receive plastic cards when you have accumulated x amount of miles).

How do we go about printing off copies?

We have had no response from Thai.

And, my husband and I flew to Alicante for a long weekend with BMI, we didn’t realize they are also part of the Star Alliance, we have kept what is left of our tickets and also the boarding cards, what do you suggest is the best option as we would hate to lose out on the miles.

Do you receive more miles if you travel business class?

Thank you for helping us out.



Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Louise,

Not to worry. You can get a card sent you be emailing a request to Indicate that you did not print your card and they will send you one. Also, as long as you have your membership number you don’t really need an actual card. Just provide your number when making reservations and prior to boarding.

I applaud you for keeping your tickets—I often throw mine away. Having your boarding passes will make it easier to claim your miles. You should be able to have the miles added to your account by emailing the above email address, include your flight number and dates, along with your membership number.

Yes, business class will earn you 125% of your actual flight miles. So with a 5,000 mile flight you earn 6,250 miles.

Enjoy your trip.

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