Head-Banging Choice for Credit Cards

Head-Banging Choice for Credit Cards 2016-01-31T19:41:57-08:00


I am looking to get the best credit card, and of course it’s like banging your head against a wall. I have my own business, have outstanding debts on other credit cards, so looking for 0% on transfers, and am a frequent flier with V.A.
What card would suit me best?

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Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi John,

You are right—choosing the right credit card is a head-banging experience.

Since credit card offerings are in constant flux, identifying a specific card for you would be an equally daunting task. What I can do is guide you in the right direction.

My first suggestion is for you to read a past response concerning Virgin Atlantic Credit Card. I also suggest that you readChoosing the Right Credit Card.

Lastly, the new edition of The Penny Pincher’s Passport to Luxury Travel has a chapter and appendix dedicated to selecting the right credit card. Unfortunately, the information is too voluminous to list here; however, you can order a copy of the book at Penny Pincher’s.

I hope that this information helps you out.

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