Honeymoon in Vegas, Montréal, & NYC

Honeymoon in Vegas, Montréal, & NYC 2016-01-31T19:42:01-07:00

My partner and I are flying American Airlines to Las vegas 21 Feb, staying in the Monte Carlo, Getting married(!) then flying AA to Montreal and then NYC. Given that it’s such a special trip for us I was wondering how I might get flight/hotel upgrades???

Many thanks!


As for your hotel, in Montreal and New York, simply call the hotel managers and room managers and mention this special occasion and state that you would be very appreciative of anything they would do to help you celebrate, such as providing a nice room upgrade and champagne in the room. Write down the name of both the hotel’s manager and the room manager and when checking-in be sure to mention to the front desk representative that you spoke to each of these individuals about a room upgrade.

As for Las Vegas, call the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, call the hotel’s VIPs Center, and tell them about your impending arrival and that you wish to enroll in their VIPs program and that you would like to open a credit line. Usually what this means is the ability to sign for cash at the tables. Technically it is not a credit line, rather it is signing a check for funds at the table. But what it does is give the appearance that you’re ready to gamble, and in the world of Vegas it is all about their perception of how much money you will gamble with the hotel/casino. By virtue of opening an account you demonstrate your willingness to gamble and this in most cases will result in a nice room.

All the best on your trip and enjoy!!!



Answered by The Penny Pincher

Dear Jim
Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. By the look of your email address, I am amusing that you are a resident of the UK. If this is the case and you’re flying directly from the UK to Las Vegas, you might go on-line to American Airline’s web site and look at fares from Las Vegas to Montréal and from Montréal to New York. I suggest this because the newest trend among U.S. Airlines is to offer special discounted first class fares between certain city pairs. For example, I can fly from my home city in Orange CA to Atlanta GA, round trip in First Class for $479, while a round trip coach ticket will cost me $1258. Of course this makes absolutely no sense but it is certainly a boon to consumers.

Follow these steps: check what fares you can find online, checking the American Airlines site, and then cross-check with sites such as Expedia and Orbitz. You can also call your airline directly and ask them if they have any special first class fares and upgrading opportunities. Some airlines are also offering special companion fares. If this technique does not work, then before your flight check with the airline for the available number of first class seats. If seats are available then after clearing security ask the lead gate agent if he would honor your special occasion by providing you an upgrade.

Dear Joel
Thank you very much for your excellent advice! I must say, the site is excellent! I have booked the flights through e-bookers here in the UK. Got an excellent deal, London to Vegas via Chicago, 4 nights in the Monte Carlo, then on to Montreal for six nights, then on to NYC staying in the Embassy Suites Downtown for four nights. The total cost was £1100 each, which by comparison was pretty good! I’ll try and get American to upgrade us…….It would be a godsend on such a long flight and it’s my fiancee’s first visit to the US so I’d like to make it special.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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