How to choose the right credit card for new frequent fliers.

How to choose the right credit card for new frequent fliers. 2016-01-31T19:42:04-07:00

I am new to this and need advice to get the right credit card for frequent flyer miles, as I travel all over US and North America.


Answered by The Penny Pincher

The most frequent questions I get from readers of my Penny Pincher column concern credits cards. This makes sense, because using the right credit card can yield many extra miles. The most common question that I am asked is, What is the best credit card to use? To best answer this question and all questions about credit cards, you must first ask: How do you plan to use the card and what are your priorities? Do you want no annual fee? A low APR? Do you want to be able to carry a balance, or do you want to pay everything in full when you get your bill? Do you want to earn the most reward points with a specific travel company, or would you prefer points that can be used in multiple ways?
To address your question directly, I recommend that you review two web sites that will provide you with a comprehensive matrix of almost all available credit cards. You can use this information and the above questions to determine what credit card will best met your needs. This at first can seem to be a daunting task; however, it pays to do your homework up front to reap the greatest credit from your cards. Go to Frequent Flier and Cardweb.

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