Is there a Doctor on-board?

Is there a Doctor on-board? 2016-01-31T19:41:59-08:00

Hi there,

If I were to travel from London Heathrow to Singapore on SIA or another airline such as Malaysia Airlines, and inform them that I’m more than willing to act as the doctor on the flight in case one is needed, what are one’s chances of being upgraded?

Dr. Kassim


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Answered by The Penny Pincher

Greetings Dr. Kassim,

You certainly pose a very creative notion. However, I think that due to liability issues the airline could not officially engage you as an on-board physician. I also suspect that you might expose yourself to personal liability issues including lack of coverage from your malpractice insurer.

What I would do is approach the gate agent before boarding your flight and introduce yourself as a medical doctor. Airlines tend to grant medical physicians preferred treatment. Let the gate agent know that if any on-board emergencies occur the flight crew can count on you to assist in any way possible. Then ask if there are any upgrades available.

This is a good way to build rapport with the gate agent and put him in a better position, at least psychologically, to offer you the upgrade.

All the best.