Mastering the Art of Upgrades

Mastering the Art of Upgrades 2016-01-31T19:41:54-08:00

Hi there,

I’m traveling on Lufthansa next week from Los Angeles to Frankfurt. The ticket I have is some sort of reduced fare ticket, do I have any hope of somehow getting an upgrade? Is it worthwhile to dress up and just try to ask for one at the gate? I know the odds are slim, but the thought of 11 hours in the middle seat in coach is pretty scary, so I’m willing to try anything! I am a member of the United mileage plus program which is a partner, but only have 15,000 miles or something, does it help?


Nick Franco

Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Nick,

Yes to all the above. Your best chances of getting upgraded will be at the airport. Take a look at my past answers under the heading “upgrading” to get more tips for your trip.

Good luck, and let me hear about your upgrading success.


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