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Hi Joel,

This question relates to a previously asked question. We plan to go to New Zealand for 30 days in March/April and will be renting a Veh. They accept MASTERCARD as payment but will my MASTERCARD cover the insurance for their rental as it does in the US.




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Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Ken,

This is an issue that is generating a lot of concern lately.

Generally, Mastercard will cover overseas rentals. Most New Zealand rental companies include collision and damage wavier in their basic rate. However, New Zealand law does allow car rental companies to hold up to 2750 NZD, when a vehicle is involved in an accident, unless you have purchased supplemental coverage from the rental agency.

I recommend the following steps. Call your specific card issuer and inform them that you will be traveling to New Zealand and request a list of the coverage they provide along with any limitations. Check your responsibility or deductible in event of an accident. Also ask your credit card company to fax or send you a copy of the coverage policy and carry this with you during your trip.

Once you determine your exact coverage from Mastercard, call your car rental company and ask if there will be any gaps in coverage. Calling before leaving the U.S. should give you accurate and unbiased information.

Have a fun trip.