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After I moved across the country from my family, I made a conscious decision to fly only on United so I would be able to accumulate frequent flyer miles through just one airline (rather than shop around for the cheapest flight each time). However, since registering for Mileage Plus about nine months ago, my online account has never worked. (It’s a problem with my password not working.) I have contacted them multiple times and spent hours on the phone, and they have yet to solve the problem. Also, finding contact information on their website is tricky so I’m not sure how to get in touch with someone further up the hierarchy. Can you suggest a way for me to leverage my loyalty to United in order to get them to fix my online account once and for all? And maybe even have them throw in something extra for my trouble?

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer!



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Answered by The Penny Pincher

Dear Erin,

I applaud you for adhering to the loyalty principle—now it is time for you to cash-in on that loyalty.

I contacted United Airlines at 1-866-209-3323 and their service representative assured me that the following steps will restore your password and account access.

Your first step is to go online at password recovery and enter your account information. This should take you through the process of resetting your password. If you encounter any difficulties with this you can email United’s special on-line password department.

Your third option is to call United’s password support at 1-866-209-3323.

Based on my conversation with United Airlines, I am confident that this should resolve your problem. However, if you still encounter difficulties, then call United’s Customer Relations at 1-877-228-1327, or email them at Customer Relations.

If you do contact the Customer Relations department, tell them how you have made a conscious decision to choose United Airlines as your preferred carrier and now you would like some priority service.

I think that this will get things back in order for you.

All the best.