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Dear Joel,

I don’t have any car insurance since I am currently living overseas. I have a U.S. Citi Platinum Select Master Card (that provides car rental insurance coverage). I plan to rent a car for my trip in the U.S. Should I buy car rental insurance from the car rental company? If I don’t and I get into a major car accident, will my credit card insurance be sufficient to cover the accident?

Thanks for your reply.


Answered by The Penny Pincher

Dear Donald,

Insurance coverage from the Citi Platinum Select Master Card will cover any damage to your rental vehicle, but not damage to another vehicle, or property damage, and does not cover personal liability. You can purchase coverage for these mishaps separately from the car rental company. To find out specific details about coverage from your Platinum credit card call the Mastercard Benefit Center at 800-622-7747.

Also, when you’re booking your rental car, ask the rental company if they have a package rate that includes insurance coverage for non-U.S.-based drivers. Very often you can obtain a discounted package that offers a good rate and the insurance coverage you need.

All the best,