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My wife and I and our two young kids (4 months and 23 months) are
traveling to Manila via Dubai on Emirates. We are members of SKYWARDS (frequent fliers programme), as we had about 60,000 air miles we upgraded myself, my wife and one of our children and paid for the other one, on the London to Dubai sector.

What is the possibility of being upgraded on the Dubai – Manila sector.

I used my air miles to upgrade ourselves from economy to business for the London Dubai segment and the connecting flight is on the same day.
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Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Glenn,

Your prognostic for an upgrade is good. You have perfectly executed one of my favorite techniques for upgrading. By already upgrading yourself and family members you can tell the gate agent that it would be nice if your entire family can be seated together. Of course this would entail a nice upgrade. Likewise, ask the agent if they can upgrade your entire routing. Say “since we’re already upgraded from London to Dubai, can you also upgrade us to Manila.”

I think you’ll find this will land you in first class.

Enjoy yourself.

Answer posted by The Penny Pincher on September 18, 2004 11:50 AM

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