On and Off the Autostrada

On and Off the Autostrada 2016-01-31T21:19:48-08:00

Dear Mr. O’Reilly,

Within the book Travelers’ Tales Tuscany there are quotes from “On and Off the Autostrada” by James O’Reilly. I would love to read it in it’s entirety. Can I buy it? Where can I find it?

Thank you for your time.



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Answered by The Reader

Marissa, thanks for writing, and I am glad you enjoyed the excerpts. They are, alas, from an unfinished manuscript, so I cannot send you a copy. Every now and then though I get comments such as yours which encourage me to finish the darn thing, long overdue.

And when I do, I’ll send you an autographed copy, so please send me your mailing address.