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I live in the Bahamas and I have rented from Dollar rent a car for years.

I have always made my reservations via a travel agent and have never received any discounts during the years I have rented.

Perhaps on one or two occasions I received a free upgrade. However, I have never been privy to any discounts.

It’s obvious, I am not a resident of the United States so, how can I receive discounts when renting from any car company in the United States or worldwide?



Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Mark,

It really should not matter if you’re a U.S. resident for getting discounts and upgrades. I often rent overseas with Hertz and Sixt and get upgrades. I am not sure if the rates with Dollar are all that less. If not try a major company like Hertz, National, or Avis and sign up for their member program (the one without a cost). This will track your usage and reward you with upgrades.

Also I recommend that you make reservations with the car rental company directly. This should give you the best rate and discounts. As a bit of self promotion you can check out my book for more details: The Penny Pincher’s Passport to Luxury Travel.

Happy holidays,

Joel Widzer


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