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I am really interested in buying two big carpets in India and shipping them to the U.S. Is it going to be expensive?


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Answered by The Fearless Shopper

Dear Sharon,

Shipping rugs from India depends on your method of shipment and the other details of your purchase. Questions to consider:

• What are the dimensions of both rugs?
• Are you planning to use air freight or sea?
• Will you consolidate other purchases and ship everything together?
• Are you using a freight forwarder or the merchant to ship the rugs?
• If you are using a merchant, are you buying from a reliable importer here or a vendor in India? In either case, I would ask the merchant or shipper to give you a quote on shipping and the method recommended. Ask if it includes insurance and handling as well. Make sure they complete all the necessary paperwork.
• What state are you shipping to and what is the closest port? Are you picking up the rugs or using a broker? There may be additional handling and overland freight charges here if it is forwarded to you.
• Are the rugs handmade or machine made? This may make a difference in any customs duty you might have to pay. Generally handmade objects are exempt from certain countries, but textiles may have quotas from different countries.

If the shipping price you pay for the actual rugs is a fraction of what the rugs cost, then the shipping will not be that expensive relative to price of the rugs. But if the shipping costs as much as the rugs, you might want to reconsider your purchase. Try comparison shopping locally at a rug importer—whose retail prices will include shipping—and compare quality and styles for the price. Your local merchant might even give you an idea about freight costs for similar rugs.

For more specific pricing, I suggest you contact the merchant in India or a freight forwarder and talk to them about shipping costs for the size of the rugs you plan to purchase. Ask for different options and ask if the quote they give you includes all possible costs.

If you decide to buy similar rugs locally, remember you can often bargain with many of the local rug dealers.

Best regards,
The Fearless Shopper.