Selling Handmade Jewelry in Cairo

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I design jewelry accessories, made from sterling silver, high quality crystals, beads & pearls. All my products are handmade, and have sold to many well known shops in Europe. I wondered where I can sell them here in Cairo. Do you have any suggestions? Many thanks!



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Answered by The Fearless Shopper

Dear Rana,

Congratulations on selling your handcrafted jewelry to stores in Europe! How did you introduce your jewelry to them? Did you exhibit at trade shows or visit stores personally? I would suggest trying the same sales method in Cairo that you used in Europe. I’ve only been to Cairo once about six years ago so I cannot give you specific names, but you might try upscale boutiques, tourist hotel gift stores, and museum shops in Cairo. Visit these stores first to see if your jewelry fits with the merchandise and price points the store is selling, then contact the buyers for an appointment. Because you are the artist and can best speak for your creations, you should consider visiting these stores in person and introducing yourself and your line to store buyers in Cairo.

Wishing you much success,

The Fearless Shopper

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