South African Honeymoon

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Hi Joel,

I really enjoy your articles and commentary, and your book is top of my reading list for an upcoming trip to Africa, which is the subject of my question.

My fiance and I are traveling to South Africa for our honeymoon in July in business class on Iberia.

My first question is whether you have any insight into Iberia’s business class? Second, we will be traveling all around S. Africa, but are spending 4 nights at the Cape Grace Hotel in Cape Town.

I have booked a “luxury room,” but would really love to get upgraded to a suite, being as it’s my honeymoon.

Do you have any advice on what I might do to score that coveted upgrade?

Thank you much!



Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Elliot,

You’re going to make your future wife very happy with a nice upgrade. To score an upgrade obtain the name of the hotel’s general manger from their web site or by calling. (Hopefully a toll-free number.)

Send them an email or fax informing them of your impending nuptials. You might even include a copy of your invitation with a note, “wish you can attend.” This will demonstrate your sincerity.

Let the general manager know how excited you are to stay at his hotel and graciously state that any extra enhancements would be greatly appreciated. When you check-in be sure to mention your note and the manager’s name.

As for your flight, check with Iberia’s web site or check to see how your seats rank.

Have a wonderful time,



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